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Pedro the Lion Concert: Black Cat Night Club

On June 17th 2004, up and coming Emo band Pedro the Lion performed at the Black Cat Night Club in Washington DC. One stop on their coast-to-coast summer tour, the District offered a diverse fan base that came out to enjoy the show. The tour immediately follows the release of their 7th album, Achilles Heel, which is now available through Jade Tree Records.

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Red Bull Jungle Fever

Red Bull USA's Call of the Wild 2004 Red Bull DC presented the wild night event in the near wilderness setting of the Potomac Gorge, just northwest of Washington, DC on AUGUST 29th. The event was one of the largest on-river events ever conducted in the gorge. Red Bull DC is the creative force in the conception and design of the event. Red Bull DC has been very active in supporting sport and community activities in the Potomac Gorge.

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Washington Capitals Season Opener

The Washington Capitals kicked off the 2003 season with an impressive 6-1 victory over the visiting New York Islanders. 19-year-old rookie Boyd Gordon tallied his first point as a professional on the first shift of the game. Peter Bondra scored twice while Jaromir Jagr and Jeff Halpern each added a goal and an assist. DCpages would like to thank Jim Fox and Brian Potter for an unforgettable opening night experience.

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DC UNITED vs. L.A. GALAXY on JULY 17th, 2004 @ 7:30pm

The Best ranked team in the West came to DC. The Los Angeles Galaxy came to DC on July 17th to play a match against home team, DC United. DC United had lost badly to LA Galaxy a couple of times already this year but DC United were determined not to lose this time around. DC United played what looked like a dominating game throughout as they seemed to control the flow of the game. United played a spectacular first half scoring the first goal. But then from a defensive failure and a debatable call from the referee, the LA Galaxy got a penalty to come back in the game 1-1. You will get them next time DC United! Great Game!

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NFL Kickoff Live

The NFL Kickoff Live was held September 4, 2003 on the National Mall. The free concert included Good Charlotte, Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears, and Aerosmith. After each group gave the crowd a sample of their music, legondary singer Aretha Franklin sung the National Anthum for the season's opening game. The fans were invited to watch the game between the Washington Redskins and the New York Jets. The event attracted over 100,000 people and was a huge success for the NFL.

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MLS Super Draft 2005 Baltimore was presented by adidas & NSCAA on January 14, 2005.
With expansion and the reserve league about to expand the player pool even further, it could be argued that Friday's SuperDraft was the most important in Major League Soccer's 10-year history. While there was no big name like in the past that was an absolute top pick, the available players to clubs could give the draft depth in numbers.

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March for Womens Lives

On April 25, 2004, an estimated 1,150,000 gathered on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to give an urgent wake-up call to government leaders: women's lives are at risk and lawmakers should stop intruding on a woman's right to access critical reproductive health services.

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Cicada the Seventeen Year Locust

Magicicada is the genus of the 13- and 17- year periodical cicadas of eastern North America. These insects display a unique combination of long life cycles, periodicity, and mass emergences. They sometimes go by the common name "seventeen-year locust", but they are not locusts at all; locusts belong to the order Orthoptera. Brood X, a seventeen year brood from Washington DC stretching North to New York, South to North Carolina, West to Illinois and Michigan. The images displayed were photographed around the Washington DC metro area as they emerged from the ground in May 2004.

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Jessica Nicholson DC Intern

This is the photo essay of Jessica Nicholson's internship at DCpages during the Summer of 2008.

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2009 Washington Nationals Home Opener

Nationals vs. Phillies

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