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Tadeusz Kosciuszko statue

Thaddeus Kosciusko (1746-1817) Polish patriot and General of American Revolution. Full name was Tadeusz Andrzej Bonawentura Kosciuszko (in Polish). b. Feb. 12, 1746 in Minsk, Lithuania. He was educated in the Royal College at Warsaw, graduating in 1769. He then studied engineering and artillery in France, and came to America with a recommendation from Franklin to General Washington. He was appointed colonel of engineers in the Continental army, Oct. 18, 1776, and was in charge of constructing the fortifications at West Point, 1778-80, and in charge of transportation in Green's retreat of 1781. He was made brigadier general, Oct. 13, 1783, and was one of the founders of the Order of Cincinnati. And one of only three foreigners allowed to join the order. Kosciuszko was also a member of the American Philosophical Society. He returned to Poland in 1784, and became a major general in the Polish army in 1879. He led the rebellion of 1794, and became dictator of Poland, but was captured and imprisoned by Russia from 1794-96. He visited America in 1797-98, and was a resident of France from 1798. d. in Switzerland when his horse fell off a cliff on Oct. 15, 1817. Although he is often referred to as a Mason, there is no definite Lodge No. 1085 of New York City was warranted, May 3, 1928, and named in his honor. At this time, it is the only Polish lodge in the world.

"From one man we can have but one life" - wrote about Kosciuszko President Thomas Jefferson ' "and you gave us the most valuable and active part of yours, and we are now enjoying and improving its effects. Every sound American, sincere votary of freedom loves and honors you...".

The New York bridge that bears the name of Tadeusz Kosciuszko is crowned at the top with the emblems of both our states. They differ in shape but the symbol is the same. An eagle. American and Polish.

The Bicentennial observance of the birth of Brigadier General Tadeusz Kosciuszko was celebrated by Kosciuszko Lodge on February 27, 1946. An elaborate program was arranged by W.·. Henry Archacki – Chairman of Committee and Past Master of Kosciuszko Lodge, with W.·. James W. Nitecki entertained a number of Military guests at a dinner held prior to the celebration. The dinner was held at the New York Athletic Club, Bew York City, and among the distinguished guests invited were: R.·.W.·. Edward Feih, R.·.W.·. Robert B. Wilson, R.·.W.·. and Major General Walter DeLamater, Colonel Carl A. Loeb, Colonel Charles E. Greenough, Colonel Perly C. Gray, Colonel Leonard A. Keyes, Capt. R.A. Wahrman and M.·.W.·. Charles W. Froessel, Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York, who also was the principal speaker.

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