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Joint Service Open House Air Show at Andrew's Air Force Base

Andrews Air Force base is the official "Home of Air Force One." Andrews is best known for its special air mission to transport senior government and military leaders of the United States.

Every year the general public gets a rare opportunity to get a closer look at the advanced capabilities of our United States military services. The public is invited to attend the the annual Joint Service Open House Air Show at Andrews Air Force Base. Admission is free.

Because of security concerns and limited parking, guests were not permitted to park in Andrews. Although, there were hundreds of cars parked along the outside perimeter of the Air Force base.

Shuttle buses run frequently from FedEx Field parking lots and the Branch Avenue Metro station. Check for delays or cancellations caused by weather or other circumstances by calling 301-981-4600.

If you do decide to attend the air show, make sure to bring sunscreen and water. On a sunny day you can actually see the sun's heat waves radiate Andrew's concrete tarmac. My skin was pink in under an hour.

The Joint Service Open House Air Show features the Thunderbirds, the Golden Knights, and other exciting aerial and ground attractions. This is a must attend for any fan of aviation!

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F4U Corsair at Andrew's Air Force Base Open House

WWII-era Air Force F4U Corsair numbered "555" banks hard right at the Andrew's Air Force Base Joint Service Open House. These planes came equipped with 18 cylinder, 2,000 horsepower radial supercharged engines.


"Strike Eagle" with landing gear and tail hook down

Though quite similar in initial appearance, the F-15E Eagle can be differentiated from the F/A-18 Hornet on the ground (so long as it's not flying supersonic) by the rectangular turbofan air intakes as opposed to the Hornet's elliptical air intakes.


McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Fighter in the air over Maryland

The McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) F-15 Eagle is a twin-engine, all-weather tactical fighter designed to gain and maintain air superiority in aerial combat. It was developed for the United States Air Force, and first flew in July 1972.


F-15E Eagle at Andrew's AFB, Maryland

Joint Service Open House at Andrew's Air Force Base: the tail hook on this F-15 Eagle Strike fighter can be seen indicating this war plane is air craft carrier-ready.


Andrew's Air Force Base Open House: F-15E Eagle readying for transonic flight

Introduced into service January 11, 1976, the F-15's total build number stands at 1,198 aircraft. Top speed of 1,100 mph+; this pilot can hit the afterburners, push the yoke forward and supersonic flight is less than three seconds away.


Semi-inverted F-15E Eagle with landing gear "down" *

Semi-inverted F-15E Eagle with landing gear "down" as seen from the the ground May 16, 2009 at Andrew's Air Force Base Joint Service Open House, Maryland. Although the landing gear is extended, the tail hook is not. Note afterburners not lit.


Completely inverted flight of an F-15E, May, 2009

Here's where it gets a bit more difficult to discern the F-15 Eagle from the F-18 Hornet as the engine intakes cannot be seen from the ground. With a top speed of mach 1.7 (+/-)this aircraft is a flying metaphor for the word "awesome."


Inverted flight of the Strike Eagle

When introduced, the F-15 was favored by customers such as the Israel Air Force and Japan Air Self-Defense Force, and the development of the F-15E Strike Eagle would produce a strike fighter that would replace the F-111.


F4U Corsair "chasing" an F-18 Hornet: Andrew's AFB Open House *

Here is a stark photographic contrast of different-era warbirds: a "gullwing" F4U Corsair behind an F-18 Hornet. Though an incredible plane for its time (I'll take one any day!!!) the Corsair would *not* beat the Hornet...


This guy is nuts ... but extremely skilled. Andrew's AFB Open House *

Chuck Aaron is a 60-year-old mand and is the first and ONLY civilian pilot to be licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration to perform aerobatics in a helicopter. He flies for Red Bull.


Red Bull Bo.-105 performing a 360 degree loop - once thought to be impossible

Inverted flight of the the Red Bull Stunt Helicoptor. Chuck Aaron has over 18,000 of flight time recorded in his flight logs (though not without mishap) and performs what most people (aeronautical engineers included) wouldn't even consider.


Chuck Aarons's Red Bull Chopper Assault *

In his twin engine Bo.-105 Chuck performs a 360 degree "barrel-roll" summarily scaring the onlookers attending the JSOH at Andrew's Air Force Base half to death.
The man is a master of his highly modified helicoptor: don't try this at home kids


Another insane maneuver by Chuck Aaron at the yoke of the Red Bull stunt helo. *

After flying 33 different helicopter models for more than 18,000 hours of flight time, you’d think Chuck, with his laid-back demeanor, handlebar mustache and surfer blond hair, would have absolutely no fear of flying. “I’m nervous every time..."


"Please have air-sickness bag ready for this next move ..." Red Bull Bo.-105 Stunt Helicoptor

Chuck, courtesy of his Red Bull Stunt Helicoptor, performs back flips, 360-degree rolls, and a heart-stopping combination known as the "Chuckcilvak" (a move usually performed in a fixed wing aircraft that Chuck invented for the helo).


Golden Knights' parachuters drop-plane (Fokker C-31A Troopship)

The Golden Knights use two Fokker C-31A Troopship and two De Havilland Canada UV-18A Twin Otter as their jump aircraft. The C-31A is used by the demonstration teams as a mode of conveyance to over 50 show locations annually, as well as a jump platform.

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