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Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

Monticello, located in Charlottesville, Virginia, was the estate of Thomas Jefferson, one of the principal architect/authors of the United States' Declaration of Independence, he was also the third President of the United States, and founder of the University of Virginia.

The estate house, which Jefferson himself designed, was based on the neoclassical principles described in the books of the Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio. It is situated on the summit of an 850-foot-high peak in the Southwest Mountains south of the Rivanna Gap. The name "Monicello" comes from the Italian "little mountain" and is located in Albemarle county, Virginia.

DIRECTIONS: Monticello, a National Historic Landmark, is located in the Virginia Piedmont about two miles southeast of Charlottesville, Virginia, off of State Rte....

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Memorial Day Parade

US veterans marched at the Memorial Day parade held in Washington DC. Thousands of US veterans and citizens participated the parade to commemorate the Memorial Day which came on the last Monday of each May. The nine-block march along Independence Avenue featured bands, floats, vintage automobiles and vintage servicemen.

"I am delighted that our committee is able to bring that great tradition back to the nation's capital as we give a much-deserved salute to all those who fought and died for our country over the past two centuries and more," said James C. Roberts, chair of the committee and president of the World War II Veterans Committee.

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A Day at the Zoo

"The National Zoological Park (SNZP) exhibits living animal and plant collections to provide educational and recreational opportunities for the visiting public and conducts research in conservation biology and reproductive sciences. Our mission is to celebrate, study, and protect the diversity of animals and their habitats. The Zoo is a beautiful urban park offering families fun and excitement, stimulating education programs, and a peaceful place to enjoy nature. The 163-acre park in the heart of Washington, D.C., is home to a wonderfully diverse animal collection, ranging from hummingbirds to elephants......" -Smithsonian's National Zoo Mission Statement

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Snow Dusts Spring Blossoms

Snow in April? It's not the image most of us have, or hope for, when we think of Easter in our Nation's capital. On rare occassions, Ol' Jack Frost gets stubborn about Spring and sends one last cold breath down South. On Easter Weekend, Washingtonians woke up to a light blanket of pure white snow that covered cherry blossoms, tulips, Daffodis, and many Spring wildflowers blooming around the the metro area. This stunning effect did not last long. Once the morning sun rays touched the snow it swiftly melted away. Winter was gone. Welcome Springtime.

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Cherry Blossom in Washington DC Peak Bloom

West Potomac Park and the Tidal Basin with its flowering Japanese cherry blossom trees are under the care of the National Park Service. A horticulturist by the name of Robert DeFeo is the Park Service's cherry blossom expert and according to Mr. DeFeo peak bloom time (or peak bloom period) is defined as when 70 percent or more of Cherry trees are in full bloom. This is also the time which attracts tourists (both local and worldwide) to take pictures of cherry blossom trees so they can say they were a part of the DC cherry blossom experience.

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Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial

The Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial is located on a four-acre plot on the northwest corner of the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC. It is adjacent to the Roosevelt Memorial and creates a "line of leadership," as it is placed in a straight line with the Lincoln Memorial (where Dr. King gave his famous "I Have a Dream" speech) and the Jefferson Memorial. The Stone of Hope, from which Dr. King's likeness emerges, gazes upon the Tidal Basin toward the horizon. The memorial is not only a tribute to Dr. King, it is also meant to be a symbol of a future society encompassing justice and equality. The memorial will also features an Inscription Wall with fourteen of Dr. King's most influential quotes, engraved on a 450-foot crescent shaped granite wall. Address: 1964 Independence Ave., SW, Washington, DC 20024.

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National Arboretum Azalea Walk

Admirers come to the U.S. National Arboretum's Azalea Collection every spring to witness one of Washington's premier spring attractions. Thousands of azaleas cover the flanks of Mount Hamilton in a blaze of color. The first warm days bring out the flowers, and the slopes take on a surreal, almost luminescent glow. Few shrubs have more impact on the spring landscape-azaleas are an enduring favorite in gardens throughout the country.

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Springtime in Washington

Spring is the most anticipated season in Washington. March flower blossoms awaken our Nation's capital with bright color. The coming of the golden daffodils and forsythia urge Washingtonians to celebrate, as did Vivaldi in his Concerto in E ('Spring' in The Four Seasons) and Beethoven in his rather blustery Spring Concerto. The Biblical Song of Songs pays tribute to this glorious time of year. "See, the winter is past, flowers appear upon the earth and the season of singing birds returns."

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Autumn Foliage at National Arboretum

The National Arboretum is a magical place in the Fall season. Starting in late October the mixture of burgundy and gold is quite intense is intentional. A large variety of Native and exotic plant and tree species are studied here.

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Fall in Washington DC

Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy the District's outdoor treasures and catch a glimpse of natures splendor seen by our Nation's Founding Fathers. George Washington and Pierre L'Enfant masterful design strategy provides breathtaking open public landscape painted with a mosaic of warm toned shades of orange and gold to purple and scarlet. Autumn's crisp chill and diminishing length of daylight induce trees to shed their green leaves. Temperature, sunlight, and soil moisture greatly influence the quality of the fall foliage display. Before leaves fall in the autumn they pass key nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorous, back into the main body of the tree or plant. Species with brighter autumn leaves appear to retain more nutrients than duller-coloured ones. Two pigments play a vital role in this process: Anthocyanins and...

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